Ugly Antenna Installations

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Post Your Ugly Mobile or Home QTH Antennas Here,,

I figured that beneath it all, the mounts, the screwdrivers, the whips, the.... Hey it's all fun here for the PROS with their mobiles and home QTH's. Anyways, I guess I will kick off this page with my new install. Please rise as the new king of mobile antennas enters the club. N3BXH Storm chasin' mobile! Please email me your pics of whatever antennas you have MOUNTED on the QTH or your lovely ride. Please, the more bolt holes the better...

Those bullet holes, or did someone get mad with a drill??

If you saw a storm, would you follow this guy??? He might just have the relative information, get it... relative...

Proudly made in the U.S.A.!!

No Joe, that's not an eggbeater, or a whisk...

DC Stepper Control box, used to tell me where my tune is.

Feel free to download and use images.